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Ryan Zimmerman is a furniture maker from Erie, Pennsylvania. In spring of 2017, he received his BFA from Edinboro University with a concentration in Wood/Furniture Design and minors in Printmaking and Sculpture. Most recently he finished an internship at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in the Wood/Furniture program.


The furniture I create features varying irregular, geometric shapes that are the result of combining angular and rectilinear elements. Here, where the two meet, I encounter a tension within a piece while still remaining functional. From the conception to the construction, I am intrigued by the puzzle that lies within deciphering how a design will be created and fit together. A geometric shape, consisting of straight lines, must abide by a strict formula in order for it to exist. The challenge of working within these ‘restrictions’ is one that I find both exciting and filled with endless possibilities. In tandem, I investigate the relationship between identical pieces of furniture. This facet of my work involves modular or tessellating forms that fit together seamlessly and offer a greater range of functionality.